Social housing's annual conference for board members and chairs.

Board Leadership is a new version of the NHF's annual conference for board members and chairs. This event is designed to meet the need of housing association boards today. When you attend this event, you can attend sessions designed for your role and experience. You will gain knowledge you can apply the next day along with more opportunities network and affect the wider housing debate.

About the event

A fantastic networking opportunity and chance to see and hear a range of perspectives.

Board member and chair of customer committee

What's new at this event?

  • Leadership panels.
  • Exclusive content and networking for chairs.
  • Roundtables and open mic sessions.
  • Spotlight sessions on out of sector and international case studies.
  • Board management 101.
  • Mentoring for board members new to their role.

What topics will we cover?

This year, the focus will be on where we are and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Macroeconomics and politics

Understanding geopolitical relationships and the rise of new powers that could change the shape our sector.


Exploring new opportunities through cross-sector collaboration and stakeholder management.

Resilience and leadership

Learning to mitigate disruption to help progress the sector, supporting residents and communities and creating sustainable growth for all.


Reconnecting with the day-to-day operational delivery and learning to ensure continuous improvement.


Demystifying the artificial intelligence landscape and asking how we make progress tangible.

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